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Injuries resulting from the use of angle grinders are numerous across the country. The most common sites injured are the head and face. The high-speed disc of angle grinders does not respect anatomical boundaries or structures and thus the injuries produced can be disfiguring, permanently disabling or even fatal. 
A company was sentenced today after a worker fell from a ladder sustaining a fracture to his lower leg. 
The operative was attempting to install a first-floor rear bedroom window at a property, when the ladder he was climbing slipped on the surface. The ladder was not footed or tied, and the operative fell from a height of over three metres, sustaining a broken knee cap which required surgery. 
A roofing contractor was sentenced today for safety breaches after a worker suffered numerous fractures following a fall through a fragile roof. 
A welder was carrying out maintenance on a excavator bucket. He was using an angle grinder to prepare surfaces for welding when the disk disintegrated. 
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